December Newsletter 2015

Last month the Kent Housing team packed up their things and exhibited at the Landlord Investment Road Show – an excellent opportunity for us to build stronger business relationships within Kent, meet some of our existing landlords and create contacts with new investors.The exhibition was well-attended and included a range of exhibitors from Kent Fire [...]

January Newsletter 2016

If you were reading the local paper just before Christmas then you may have noticed the Medway Foodbank appeal asking for support from local businesses. This struck a chord with us as a company who work first hand in the community who rely on these volunteer services. We’ve seen just how much the economic decline [...]

February Newsletter 2016

The 2016 Kent Housing Landlord Report The results have been counted and verified and we can now reveal the results of the 2016 Kent Housing Landlord Report. Please look below to view If you were contacted and took the time to respond then thank you so much, these surveys are a valuable tool in helping [...]

March Newsletter 2016

  Kent Housings First LAHF Even before we started Kent Housing it has been mine and Dee’s goal to bring our network of tenants, landlords, trades and councils together and encourage them to connect and work together. LAHF, which was held last month in Chatham, achieved this perfectly. The evening brought together friends and colleagues [...]

April Newsletter 2016

Landlords, protect your deposit Sahota Newcomb Scott Solicitors In this month’s spotlight on our partners we meet trusted solicitor, Jay Sahota from Sahota Newcomb Scott Solicitors who reminds landlords about the importance of protecting your deposits: “I am constantly surprised by the sheer number of experienced, conscientious landlords who approach me having forgotten to protect [...]

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