We surveyed some of the best hotels with a night sleepover in each of the hotels examining the sofa beds we examined pillows to improve the bedtime experience. We asked our clients for feedback, spoke to the housekeepers at some of the hotels, tested the ease of use of sofa beds.
We tested various sampling materials for sofa beds. We looked at hygiene factors. We tested compatibility, looked at how to save our clients’ money using our sofa beds.
Then we visited the factory at Blackburn to find how we can improve the experience and assure our clients of the Best Ever Sleep on a Sofa bed.
Today We Launch our Best Ever Sleep Campaign
We launch our Sofa Beds across our apartments guaranteeing our clients the best sleep ever on our Sofa Beds. If our Sofa Beds don’t meet your expectation, we give you your money back.
This is our Good Night Guarantee.
Thank you, Dennis Letts, for taking the time to show us and educate us on the craftsmanship of a good sofa bed and how we can improve our customer experience.
Key Lessons:
Take time to research your market.
Test Test and Test
Give your clients the Best Experience Ever with your product.

Give your clients the Best Experience Ever

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