Lessons From my Mentor and Friend.

Lessons From my Mentor and Friend: I was privileged to host my Mentor and Friend Dennis Letts, who is the best in the hospitality industry. He shared three invaluable lessons: Create a Wow factor for your clients: This is more of surprising the clients, giving them something they were not expecting but doing it in an […]

Review of the Week.

Review of the Week. A typical week for me carries different emotions; one of excitement and one of anxiety. This week we finally launched a plan I have waited for over three years, our first home for children in the local hospital and families. It allows parents to be close to their children and giving […]


NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR PRODUCT. The biggest mistake most businesses make is falling in love with their product or service, not with their clients. If you are too focused on your products, you might overlook what is best for your clients. Remember your product is nothing without a client to sell it to. […]

Thank You.

Thank you very much for your recent donation towards the food campaign that we carried out last month As you now know, this humble root will have a massive impact on children and families that do not have food. We ended our 700 Food Bag Campaign last month (April). We selected a home close to […]

We Have a Dream.

We offer free homes to families living with kids in Kent hospice. Three years ago, on a typical UK cold evening, I walked into my local boxing gym. While I waited at the reception, I overheard a conversation. A Family had travelled miles away to be with their sick child in the local hospital and […]

Boutique Style Apartments: Now Available !!

Boutique Style Apartments. An apartment is an essential thing for everyone. All of us want to spend our lives in beautiful houses. Also, we all want luxury and comfort to accompany the beauty of the apartment.  For this dream to come to reality, Kent Housing is at your service. We are providing more new services […]

Innovate and Innovate.

How we Fought Back? After seven years in the property industry, we faced the stiffest challenge any company could ever imagine off. Our hospitality trade took a nosedive, bringing us to ponder what next. We then had an opportunity to manage a project in an NHS Trust, however, before that, we had a mammoth task […]


HEART OF GOLD. HEART OF GOLD. When we launched the 500 Bags ‘Food with Love Campaign’, we discovered a record number of over 7,000 people walked through the Angels foodbank kitchen because many of the food banks were closed. We decided to launch the 30 days food campaign to help struggling families and kids get […]

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