JUST SAY SORRY: In our industry, we do encounter challenges and yes last week we had a huge challenge. Our property manager visited a property with one of our clients. They arrived at the door only to find the locks had been changed, on entry we discovered the property was no longer how we gave […]

Tailor your services to meet your clients’ needs.

Tailor your services to meet your clients’ needs. How our client was saved from the hassle and failure to deliver a project on TIME. We received a call from a client that they required accommodation to accommodate contractors as the delivery time is falling short due to cash flow challenges they had by bringing more […]


IT ENDS TODAY. Thirty Days ago, we decided to raise 500 food bags for our ” Food with Love” Campaign running for 30days to get more Food flowing for families facing a challenge in these tough times. For the kind generosity of many, we have together raised the awareness of the food banks, we have […]


BE THE SOLUTION PROVIDER: We received an S.O.S message to find accommodation for contractors requiring an accommodation to house a large crew in Chatham within 48 hours notice. Challenge: They are working on a project but do not want to be tied to a long- term contract. They called Kent Housing  We provided: Pay as you […]

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