Do You Ever Ask?

Life is a journey—an experience like no other—and with that change and growth will happen, but only if you embrace it, asking yourself the ‘why’ part of that journey is, as it helps you understand yourself, those around you, and society’s expectations. It is time to step forward, challenge, and question. Here are a few reasons why asking why is so important to your life.

Questions push people to figure out the answers on their own.

Asking the right questions gives people the answers they need to move forward in life. We need to start looking at our dreams practically. Simply put, our dreams are the problems we must learn to solve. Dreams are called “dreams” for a reason—it is something better than what we have now. And to achieve what is better, we have to start finding new solutions. 

A good example is http://Jamie Kern Lima; How She started from her bedroom, sold the Company to L’Oréal for a billion-dollar deal, how she built authenticity and self-belief with her clients. As a philanthropist, she has contributed over £40 million in funds to help women facing cancer get back their confidence. John Maxwell and Ed Mylett are her big fans, and she has won me over with her grace, Inspiration, and Humility? When you truly hear and see another human being, it is often the greatest possible gift you can give them and yourself.– Jamie kern lima.

It is all in the mind.

We aren’t who other people say we are, we’re who we believe we are.– Jamie kern lima

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