Empowering Staff.

When Roderick came to Kent Housing as an apprentice from Subway after his graduation, we needed someone with tenacity and an eye for detail, and who delivers. He elevated us.
When he approached me on his first offer to move to a new firm, I advised against going but advised if he wants his next challenge goes to the Big Boys and play in the Premier League.
When he announced his exit this week to PwC, he received my blessing because his tenacity, resilience, and sheer belief delivered the result.
When he said that little peep talk encouraged him to dream big, that made my day as an employer and mentor.
Good luck and all the best hopefully PWC will send me a Xmas card since they have acquired a tenacious worker, and this is the second staff they have gained from Kent Housing 😀
Roderick Kyei-P Goodluck and all the best 🥇🥇🥇👍🏿
Lesson: Give young people a chance to grow, teach them Key values and bring the best out of people.

Young Leaders

The future holds promises and dreams for the youth that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, planning, education, and words of wisdom. The best advice for young people often comes from older people who have lived their youth, so can share some word of advice to for youth today.
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