End of Week Review; What Happens when the script fails on a Monday?

When a problem arises, it is easy to enter panic mode or envision worst-case scenarios. Before you let your mind go there, take a step back and address every problem as simply another situation. It is a challenge that, with the right approach, you can handle. Part of that approach is thinking positively and creatively about the situation.
Last week Sunday, we received an impromptu call of new clients coming to work in Kent on Monday. We had no staff, I went out to make sure we prepared and got ready, as our ethos is “We Never Let Our Clients Down.
They arrive Monday and come with more contractors as we thought they only needed three-bed spaces. The client decided they would have to go and find alternative accommodation to house 4 Bedspaces.
Result; We offered the client an alternative apartment that accommodates four-bed spaces. In another town 15mins away.
Never let your clients go away without offering them an alternative.
It all starts with thinking positively about the problem. Remember: it is a situation, not a problem.

Begin With A Positive Approach

Problems are a fact of life; you can’t control when or how they occur but you can control your attitude. The more positive your language is, the more confident and optimistic you will be when approaching any complication.
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