Welcome to the Food 4 Kent Home page.

About Us.

We started the Food Bank just about the start of lockdown in April 2020. My wife sent me out with food shopping to give the local church collecting food for the local food bank.

I got to the delivery centre and they shared the story of many of the families struggling. The stories were heart moving that …we decided to galvanise resources to make a difference.

Families in the area joined the quest, kids saved their pocket money to H.E.L.P out to feed families, friends in my community helped out it blew me away.

I thought it was going to be a maximum a 2 months stint….but damn its 1 Y.E.A.R and we have decided to start the Food4Kent campaign

What is our Why

Our Vision is to ensure no Child or Families goes to bed Hungry in our Community.

We continue to deliver food parcels across the community and ensure we create a stable home that would ensure Children and Families are kept together.

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We believe in giving back to our local community and that no one living in Kent should ever go to bed hungry. Join us in this huge project to feed one household at a time.

Our Partners