Hospitality a Game of People.

The success of your business relies on many things some of which include strategy, quality of services, advertisement budget, and your reach. The more people hear about you, the better.
Our industry relies on people and is not machine-driven. In hospitality staffing, and services have been a major challenge for us in the industry since Brexit and the Covid it has sometimes meant me substituting and working to get our apartments ready, we have employed staff and they have not shown up, some of my colleagues have scaled-down operations.
Today I am delighted we have partnered with Kompleet Property service.
Meeting Terry (Area Manager) He told me more about his expertise in the industry, showed me the quality of the service they delivered to our apartments, was very professional, also advised how we can improve client service.

During this game no leadership skills stay hidden!

Use Hospitality to raise responsibility. Empower leaders to act as they were owners and help them realize their role!This tool makes your key people make decisions and get ready for the sharp situations through realistic role plays.
Help us tell people about what we do.

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