How we helped a client acquire her first house in the UK.

Last summer, a week before lockdown, we received a call, clients were relocating to Kent to start working at a local hospital and needed a place to stay. Our response was a challenge as the only property we had was going through development. However, we took a chance and said it would be ready before the stipulated time. The clients arrived a week later, and we decided to visit them. They treated us like family and even went ahead and gave us packed food, insisting that it is part of their culture. 

During the stay, they called that they would like to buy a house but have no records. We told them to cancel our existing contract, pay for all the bills, and build their credit file. We also connected them to a local agent Spencer Fortag (King of Property). This week they called to thank us and that they are moving to their new house. As I read the book below, my mission statement changed. It dawned on me that, “We do not compete on Price, Quality, Property, benefits or service.” We are Here to, Serve Clients.

Thank you,#MatthewDorrington. I discovered my REASON WHY.


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