How we Fought Back?

After seven years in the property industry, we faced the stiffest challenge any company could ever imagine off. Our hospitality trade took a nosedive, bringing us to ponder what next.

We then had an opportunity to manage a project in an NHS Trust, however, before that, we had a mammoth task that required some knowledge on the latter. We had no expertise in large scale recruitment nor facilities management, furthermore, the investment was on the large scale. Nevertheless, we took a chance.

 We employed twenty-seven new staffs to manage the project and formed a recruitment hub in the process.

    • HR department
    • Two management positions. 

“Thank you, Kent Housing facilities management team, for providing the Trust domestic staff in this challenging period of the pandemic. Our Staff are also delighted they can remain with the Trust as Bank staff” Management. To have received this message today from the client made it all worthwhile.

Lesson: Take a chance, your challenge could be where you get a breakthrough

Innovate Inovate Innovate. “Chuks Uwaechia”

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