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Our industry has changed since the pandemic, big changes with more people spending holiday back at home aka Staycation.
We introduced our ” Best Sleep Ever” as part of our ethos to our clients across our 65-bed portfolio….to improve our customer experience…
I visited Hall and Letts sofa beds manufacturer the best in hospitality, where I learned how the best sofa beds are handmade in their factory in Blackburn. I also was privy to speaking to some of the best furniture makers in the UK and Why they can guarantee their product for five years, why hoteliers have voted these sofa beds as their #1 sofa beds in their hotel.
We decided we must change our game to accommodate our clients and create an awesome experience in our apartments.
On my last day in Blackburn, I meet Darren Grantham at Award-winning IT and Solution provider to discuss our innovation strategy on promoting restaurants; local tourist offers, and Visit Kent through our apartments and give our clients value for their investment
As a provider of serviced apartments, we don’t just provide beds, we create an experience for our clients.
Ram Gupta Jannine Toole ♦️ Dennis Letts
Lesson: Find the best in the trade and learn about your products

Innovation! Innovation! Innovation

“I’ve learned it’s important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is.” Chuks Uwaechia
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