Thirty Days ago, we decided to raise 500 food bags for our ” Food with Love” Campaign running for 30days to get more Food flowing for families facing a challenge in these tough times.

For the kind generosity of many, we have together raised the awareness of the food banks, we have inspired others to take a lead in their own communities to support and look after others in their own communities. We have raised over 700 food bags.

Your kindness has also allowed us to put food to an orphanage close to my heart in Mama Africa….where no kid would be turned away when they need food.

Big Thank you to Families and Children that saved their food baskets for our collection. My friends have come out to help us distribute food. My clients for their kind generosity

Finally to thank God, as sometimes my head tells me it is time to stop, but my heart and that little voice says, “you are Born to Serve

“In these tough and Challenging times what we need is to show others Kindness” Sister Ann Ugoh (Daughters of Divine Love)

Donate Food Bags.

Help us feed the people in Kent. Click below for our contact details.
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