In our industry, we do encounter challenges and yes last week we had a huge challenge. Our property manager visited a property with one of our clients. They arrived at the door only to find the locks had been changed, on entry we discovered the property was no longer how we gave it to the tenant. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.

We had to make that call to our client: Hi Bill you have been our client for over five years and we manage three of your investment portfolio, on signing with us we made two promises. Investment Return, Property Looked after. Unfortunately, we have been bitten on the second option.

Our Guarantee We would return the property to its original state at no expense to YOU. Here we then gave Bill Options. Mickey and his family aka Disney are moving next door, we can upgrade the property to create a holiday home for many of the visitors coming to the Park. You can also increase the rent to earn more on your investment portfolio.

Conclusion. We agreed to go ahead with the works to upgrade the house.

Lesson: Sometimes you don’t get it right but be honest with your clients and always be ready to say, ‘I AM SORRY’ Learn from your mistakes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Give Your Clients options and be opened

Don't get it right, but be Honest.

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