Lessons From my Mentor and Friend:

I was privileged to host my Mentor and Friend Dennis Letts, who is the best in the hospitality industry.

He shared three invaluable lessons:

  1. Create a Wow factor for your clients: This is more of surprising the clients, giving them something they were not expecting but doing it in an honest, endearing, and highly personable way. One can do this by empowering their employees to give giveaways to the customers they like. It’s an act that will bring a smile to the face every single time.
  2. Give your Client a service that they have no other alternative but you: This can be done by making your customers fall in love with you. Happy and satisfied customers are much more likely to sing your brand’s praises to their family and friends you will have stronger brand loyalty.
  3. Show up with enthusiasm and passion with everything you do or Go Home; If you want to really be passionate, then you must be determined to learn everything there is to know about your passion and to continue to gain knowledge and know that there is always more to learn.

Remember that your job is never complete. There is always more to read, more to learn, and more to do. I wish you a fruitful week and may God bless your works this week. 




Learn from the Best.

Sometimes the process of learning can get overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, and not enough time to devote to really diving in but as long as you face the challenges and work through those frustrations, you will make progress.
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