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Although guaranteed rent schemes are not widely spoken about, they are not as uncommon as you might think.

Although guaranteed rent schemes are not widely spoken about, they are not as uncommon as you might think – as a matter of fact, in some circles they could even be misconstrued as some kind of insurance policy. While you can buy insurance policies to cover any potential loss of rent, and rightly so, the guaranteed rent scheme offered by Kent Housing is so much more than that – and very different.

Kent Housing’s rent guarantee scheme offers a comprehensive professional package of services. We can refurbish and redecorate your property – bringing it to a lettable standard – and once completed to our normally high standards, we can usually have tenants fully settled in the property within 48-hours.

As part of the scheme, Kent Housing can also look after routine maintenance throughout the contract period – only contacting the landlord when a repair is needed. All landlords in the rent guarantee scheme, enjoy a guaranteed income for up to five years with no obligation to pay any management fees or commission.

How It Works?

1. Call us to discuss your property

Call us to discuss your property with one of our experienced account managers. Kent Housing will provide an indication of the rent your property may achieve.

2. Refurbishment or Redecorating

Kent Housing will inspect the property and inform you if any refurbishment or redecorating work needs to be carried out to bring it up to a lettable standard. Kent Housing will also provide a competitive quote for any refurbishments with the option of spreading the cost over an agree period.

3. Signing the Contract

A contract will be drawn up – landlords will be given the option of signing the contract for up to five years.

4. After Signing The Contarct

Once contracts have been signed and any refurbishment works completed, Kent Housing can usually let your property and tenants settled in within 48 hours.

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