We offer free homes to families living with kids in Kent hospice.

Three years ago, on a typical UK cold evening, I walked into my local boxing gym. While I waited at the reception, I overheard a conversation. A Family had travelled miles away to be with their sick child in the local hospital and they were staying at a local hotel to be close to their child, as they could not be travelling the long distance each day.

I left the gym that evening thinking we had to find a solution to this problem. I looked at the Ronald McDonald Homes in the US that helps to ease the burden for families and provides Free Home away from home to families. We had none in my community.

This month we have decided to launch a New Home to provide Free Accommodation in our Community to help families who often find themselves travelling long distances to be with their children in hospitals.

This New Home will give families a warm and comfortable place to rest, eat and relax, just moments away from their children’s hospital. This Home would be Dedicated in memory of my Client and Friend. While we worked the streets taking furniture to gift the Delmeza Children’s Hospice, his last message to me was, “You put a smile on my face” I promised your name would live on and put smiles on families in these critical times.

Therefore, I urge you that whatever you do, please help those who need us the most. Put back into your community.

Follow your Dreams.

In memory of a friend and client. We offer free homes to families living with kids in Kent hospice.
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