We walked away from profit to keep a Family.

Kent Housing is a real estate company that helps clients find the best property, at the best price, which meets their needs, and navigates the transaction through escrow while protecting the client’s interests. We also provide temporary accommodation in the community. We recently provided accommodation for a new family, who had lost their home and moved to the area sometime last year.

We received an email from a client saying that she would like to stay in the house provided if possible as she now has a job within the vicinity. Her daughter goes to school down the road and would hate to give it all up again. They liked living there. She had spoken to an agent requesting if she could maintain the house but because she had a lease on the house, the agent could not go against it. And so the agent referred her to me. I had mixed feelings about all this. My head said no, but my heart Say yes.

I remembered our ethos, Quality Homes, and Sustaining communities.
For an increase of a few pounds in our bank balance and unsettling a family? We agreed to let go of the house and move on to give the family a bright future.

Strive to make a difference in the lives of people. The more you Serve people, community and clients, the more they give back to you, remember it is in giving that you receive.
Be a Symbol of What Your Company Believes.

Working With Buyer Prospects and Clients

Working with buyer clients isn't just about driving them around, looking at homes or other properties. A great deal of preparation is involved in determining their needs, finding suitable properties, and gathering information to help your buyer clients make decisions.
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