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We live in a developing and technologically powered world where enough food is produced to feed the entire population. Yet, with all means at our disposal, wastefulness and hunger coexist in this world.
On Saturday we have been invited to one of the London Top Fashion Show to receive an award and share our journey of the challenges faced raising over 3,000 bags of Food Bags, feeding over 5,000 people per week using the foodbanks our Food with Love Campaigns to ensure no Family or Child goes to bed hungry in our community, provide daily meals for people who are homeless or living with disadvantage. Our Food Campaigns is helping a little orphanage close to my heart in Mama Africa. So, if you have surplus food, why not redistribute it instead of just sending it to landfill? The positive impact this decision can have is the best option for your business, the community, and the environment.
Although giving is particularly important, much more important is our commitment to human welfare, this commitment will surely bring about not only sporadic giving but long-term giving and involvement in innovative solutions to different social problems. Any help goes a long way, whether it is money or food donations, especially during this time of year.

I don’t know what to say on stage but a friend recommended me this book on sharing your story. Great read

Become Socially Responsible. Witness the impact of putting food directly on the table

Spreading goodwill never goes unnoticed because of the social approval associated with helping others. Lending a feeding hand does not just benefit the recipient, it benefits the donor by improving the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
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