Who Do You Have in Your Corner?

Our industry is unregulated, it sometimes frees for all, but this week. We have been working on a deal that has taken over one year to close. We got asked by a potential client, what makes us stand out from your competitors:

Our Answer was:

We are regulated by IPRAC a body that builds trust amongst service providers and ensure we deliver quality service.

We ask our customers; When we work with clients, we always start by pouring over customer feedback–a core part of our discovery process. We are looking for one of two things, to ensure alignment between the company and the customer as it relates to value proposition, and to uncover new areas of competitive advantage.

Ask our Employees: Look for opportunities to gather structured feedback from your team. They are often the ones who are having the most face-to-face conversations with your customers and hearing what sets your business apart from others in your space.

Research your competitors; You should always have an immediate sense of who and what you are up against.

Check the CEO of IPRAC Chris MAUGHAN CEO I-PRAC STR Global Trust Accreditation.

Lesson: Get the Best Experts in Your Team.

Keep pushing,never stop no matter how tough it gets.

Dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries and when they say you can't, they show you their limits, not yours.
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