Why You Have to be On Top Of The Game

Every person has a dream, which he or she, wishes to fulfill at some point of time in his or her life. It could be about anything – to build a booming business, become a successful model or simply, serving the less privileged ones. However, dreams do not come true unless you are motivated enough to work towards your goals and strive persistently until they are accomplished. As the road to success gets tougher, most people lose heart and soon give up on their dreams.

Hospitality is a game of 100% perfection. You live by working extra hard and making sure you achieve your goals. I have also experienced the other side of the game. When you have worked hard to gain a client and lose that client, it knocks you down. It can highly be de-motivating. However, having a good strategy for a ‘rough day’ can boost your confidence in trying times. You may also seek the peace of mind and tranquillity through meditation. It will give you an entirely different perspective to look at problems and failures.

This week a friend recommended I listen to Eddie Hearn (Mr. Boxing Promoter). He goes on to say, No Passion, no Point. He said you set up the deals and, sometimes you take a knock, it is part of the game. Pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. 

You do need to find out the reason “why” Why do you have the dream in the first place? You want to find out the motivation that keeps your dreams alive. When the journey gets tiring, it will keep you going on. This process also allows you to have a greater self-awareness of yourself. What do you want in life? And why do you want it?

Here I share Three Tips to Improve Your Products to Dominate Your Market:

Lesson: Practise Kaizen- Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

  • Do not knock yourself. Our journey is a learning process.
  • Be obsessed with your craft, be the best in your game.
  • Find the Best in Your Industry and get advice.

To Be the Best, you bring the Best of Your Game to the Field. “Dennis Letts”

End distraction and find your focus

Declutter your mind to eliminate emotional drains and free up energy. It will lift your spirits and also help you to set your priorities right. Don’t lose sight of your goals, reminisce your visions and invent your own path to success! Chuks Uwaechia.
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