My role is the Housing Officer for Kent Housing Ltd. l supervise the day-to-day maintenance and management of all the properties. I am in direct contact with landlords and clients alike, helping them to resolve any housing problems they may have. As people will be coming to me with problems that could have a serious impact on their lives, this job is all about being sympathetic to their situation, while also offering key advice that will help them find a solution to their housing issues.

The very personal nature of the role and dealing with individuals and families who could be going through stressful situations can be distressing if you can’t reach a positive outcome. The varied and demanding aspect of being a Housing Officer can also be a major and stressful challenge. You could find yourself juggling several tasks, while having to deal directly with upset and challenging individuals, so it’s certainly not a job for the faint hearted.

l also keep up to date with the accurate records on all the cases l deal with and must undertake research and compile statistics, to present my findings in meetings and try to get to grips with the latest government legislation. With my job role visiting or sometimes meeting landlords on site and clients at home means l am not solely in the office, but rather interacting with people for most of my working day.

I love helping people and being organised, but I am also attentive and reassuring. I have good communicational skills, good analytical skills and have a strong character. I look forward to taking on new challenges.

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