Twenty years ago …I met a little boy who walked to school in the morning….but at lunch time he returns back home….I asked why have you returned back so early….today I got sent home because my mum couldn’t afford my school fees. I ask why do you go everyday….his response..I love school, it my only place of escape, where I escape from the poverty around me, he said someday the teachers let us stay and show us sympathy , reason why I go everyday. The last-time we met he shed tears and said his journey at school was over the school wouldn’t have him anymore as his mum couldn’t afford the fees ….that day remained with me as it broke my heart. Today so proud …..many of the kids in Eze positions can now go school through schools like Cleavermind a school we have partnered founded by Zion Oshiobugie to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Today we are proud of all the Children who have graduated 🎓 👏 …so proud of you. Thank you to our sponsors….for all the laptops, the funds and books 📚 we are shipping to the school. As my Mentor Always says: Empower others to make the Best of Themselves Tony O. Elumelu, C.O.N