Landlords - Do You Have A Property To Let?

We relieve you from the burdens of being a landlord, by delivering the right tenants on time, managing repairs and cover the void rent periods.

If you are looking to rent in the private sector or looking to make a steady income from your property but don’t have the time to take care of everything involved in being a full-time landlord, this could be the perfect solution for you. A quality hand-holding service with a smile 365 days a year.

For further information call our friendly caring team on 01634-566-333.

Rent is paid whether the property is occupied or vacant, ensuring a high rental yield regardless of occupancy.

We will manage your property 100% for the entire period. You won’t have to worry about finding tenants or leaving your property vacant.

Leasing with us is free of charge. The rent agreed is the rent you are paid.

Kent Housing will pay your rent on the same day every month via an automated payment system direct into your nominated bank account.

To ensure that your property remains of a high standard, Kent Housing conducts monthly inspections at your property and sends you the report.

No Utility bills or council taxes are due from you.

If you are a new Landlord, an accidental landlord, or an experienced landlord with a large portfolio, our property managers can help you.

With our track record, experience and local knowledge, we can successfully achieve the best price for your property.

We can also provide a tailored marketing strategy if you wish to rent a property, HMO, Hotel, Hostel, bed and Breakfast (B&B) or simply rent a room.

Getting a free consultation is the first step to getting a great rental return on your property.

Kent Housing has been a voluntary member of the key governing bodies working to raise standards within the industry. These include 

With many years of experience in renting homes, our courteous and professional staff takes pride in maintaining our excellent reputation.

Kent Housing covers the Kent and Medway areas.

Although guaranteed rent schemes are not widely spoken about, they are not as uncommon as you might think – as a matter of fact, in some circles they could even be misconstrued as some kind of insurance policy. While you can buy insurance policies to cover any potential loss of rent, and rightly so, the guaranteed rent scheme offered by Kent Housing is so much more than that – and very different.

Kent Housing’s rent guarantee scheme offers a comprehensive professional package of services. We can refurbish and redecorate your property – bringing it to a lettable standard – and once completed to our normally high standards, we can usually have tenants fully settled in the property within 48-hour

As part of the scheme, Kent Housing can also look after routine maintenance throughout the contract period – only contacting the landlord when a repair is needed. All landlords in the rent guarantee scheme, enjoy a guaranteed income for up to five years with no obligation to pay any management fees or commission.

“We are happy with how Kent Housing is managing our properties”.
Muhammed Arab
Property Investor Landlord
“Kent Housing is a fantastic company, my rent was paid on-time, minor repairs were done without a charge, I am very impressed with the services provided by Kent Housing”.
“I found Kent Housing Complete rent guaranteed scheme, fantastic, no management fees, no finder fees, 24 hours repair services, I found these services amazing. Kent Housing helped me with getting an electrician to install fire alarms and to complete an electrical assessment”.