Whether you’re looking for somewhere to live or want to lease your property, we can assist.
Landlords – Do You Have A Property To Let?

We are unique in that we work with both the private and public sectors in order to meet local housing demands. Through our work with private Landlords we are able provide the following:

  • Fully Guaranteed Rental income paid monthly via automated BACS System on an agreed date. All rents are at current market rates depending on the Local Authority in which the property is located. Please call us on 01634 – 566 333 for further discussions.
  • We take the hassle from letting by offering a 24-hour repairs service
  • We also have a direct agreement with the tenant so they can deal with us on issues related to their tenancy.
  • Negotiable lease periods of 1-5 years. This will ensure that your property will be 100% managed for the entire duration of the agreed lease period, taking away the additional stress of securing tenants or having an unoccupied property for long periods of time.
  • You will not have to worry about tenants owing you rent arrears. Kent Housing will pay you whether the tenants pay or not.
  • No commission or management fees; Zero set-up costs and no bills. Kent Housing undertakes the responsibility for all this when you lease your property to us.

For more information please contact us by completing the form or call us on 01634 566 333

Kent Housing provides a complete management service for landlords who would like to let single properties or an entire property portfolio. For landlords the benefits of leasing your property to Kent Housing are endless. If you are looking to rent in the private sector we can help you find a suitable tenant. We are experts in property management and can provide you with a quality service, whatever your needs.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to live or want to lease your property, we can assist.