Shoebox Campaign

We met Sister Anne five years ago after a speech she gave that moved everyone in the congregation. She shared stories of babies abandoned on the street. Kids with disabilities and those that have no parents or home were treated as second-class citizens.

We decided as a business two years ago to bring a ray of hope, bring smiles and to give every child in this home a chance to get educated and to experience love. We decided to make difference.

Today we worked the street on Our first shoebox campaign to ensure we put a smile on the faces of 51 children in our orphanage in Mama Africa starting today.

With gratitude in my heart, our supporters have also ensured the gates of the home would be open and no child or family would be turned away during Christmas and that food would be served to everyone on the day.

Thank you to our supporters that wrapped the gifts, thank you to our supporters that blessed these kids with your generosity. We shall strive to give every child hope and L.OV.E❤❤❤

Our collection date for our local community is 23.12.2021. Please DM for collection.