Why London Investors Find Kent Attractive?

Located between London and Europe, Kent offers you flexible facilities, a strong talent pool, a high quality of life, and the space and beautiful environment to grow at an affordable price.

It is already home to more than 70,000 businesses, including some of the biggest brands in the country and the newest technology start-ups.

As London’s commercial costs spiral, more and more ambitious business owners are choosing to expand in Kent.

The cost of commercial real estate in Kent is up to 72% cheaper than London and up to 18% less than the rest of the South East allowing you to innovate and thrive in Kent’s Business Arena

With flexible and modern office spaces, you can find the commercial property that best suits your needs and your growth.

In Kent, residential property prices are approximately 33% cheaper than in London

Kent and Medway also offers a wide range of lifestyle benefits:

  • 350 miles of stunning coastline,
  • 1500 square miles of glorious countryside,
  • convenient, efficient and fast travel between the UK and mainland Europe via the HS1 network and takes just 35 minutes to reach Calais from Folkestone via the channel tunnel

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