A Day in Life of a Property -Dealer:

A Day in Life of a Property -Dealer: Motivation is not lasting, but you should do it daily to keep moving, no matter what. It is what drives you towards your goals. It is why we wake up and work hard early in the morning. Nevertheless, it is why we want to succeed. This motivation […]

We Have a Dream.

We offer free homes to families living with kids in Kent hospice. Three years ago, on a typical UK cold evening, I walked into my local boxing gym. While I waited at the reception, I overheard a conversation. A Family had travelled miles away to be with their sick child in the local hospital and […]

Boutique Style Apartments: Now Available !!

Boutique Style Apartments. An apartment is an essential thing for everyone. All of us want to spend our lives in beautiful houses. Also, we all want luxury and comfort to accompany the beauty of the apartment.  For this dream to come to reality, Kent Housing is at your service. We are providing more new services […]


BE THE SOLUTION PROVIDER: We received an S.O.S message to find accommodation for contractors requiring an accommodation to house a large crew in Chatham within 48 hours notice. Challenge: They are working on a project but do not want to be tied to a long- term contract. They called Kent Housing  We provided: Pay as you […]

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