When we launched the 500 Bags ‘Food with Love Campaign’, we discovered a record number of over 7,000 people walked through the Angels foodbank kitchen because many of the food banks were closed. We decided to launch the 30 days food campaign to help struggling families and kids get food.

We were a bit worried as the goal of 500 Bags in 30 days was a huge challenge. However, our friends and supporters played a major role in helping us achieve this goal. We can say that without a heart of Gold from friends, clients and family we would not have made it.

Paul Edwards Founder & Owner of Commercial ducting, called us this weekend asking us to pick up Fridges and Washing machines from him without any charges. Today buddy, your contribution allowed us to pick up 20 shopping Bags for families in our communities, we say thank you for putting a smile on families in the communities and ensured we strive that no Child would go to bed hungry in our community.
God bless the works of your hands we are so grateful.

Heart of Gold.

Giving is not about giving a donation, it is about making a difference. To contact us, click the link below.
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