As the year comes to an end, I have selected this Men as my Men Of the Year:

Paul S.  The Business Coach, also known as the Business Podcast King 🤴- He feeds many in his network with Leadership knowledge from his insightful podcast. The one person who has supported us through thick and thin during the Height of the Pandemic. This man has been a true inspiration, a heart of Gold to support our community has been a true #inspiration. When I feel tired or run out of ideas, and I get your text message of support, it is like food to our soul.


Neil Charlick Food Hunter/ CEO- an absolute true legend, this man rallied many of us to feed our community. His organization and volunteers broke all records 5,000 people Fed, every week during the height of lockdown his nonstop care of members of the community through his initiatives like the shoebox campaigns, End homelessness campaign blows me away


 Ram Gupta Brother from another Mother, when I called you about providing laptops for my small home. I received a consignment. Our mission is to transform and give these little kids a chance in life. Your kindness blows me away. Pal, you make a difference, your kindness has given these kids hope.


 SHAQ ONEIL- My dad was my inspiration. He said Son, make sure you look after people and put a smile on people’s faces.


 MARCUS RASHFORD AKA Chief Food Hunter- “Take pride in knowing that your struggle would play the biggest role in your purpose.”



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