What is Your Motivation?

Motivation is the burning desire that compels you to act. It is so deeply intertwined with what you believe to be true and right in life that it moves you from a simple desire to a moment of decision. When you are so passionate about something, you will think about it all the time. You will be willing to wake up early and sacrifice your sleep for it. Therefore, passion is important because it can drive you each day to achieve what you want in life.
A week ago, I met two budding filmmakers in my tribe. I shared our seven years journey as Kent housing. The day i took that risk, handed in the notice, hoping to get a pay increase but, it backfired. We visited the first property where the journey started, my first client had lost her home and moved in with Kent Housing to rebuild her life, and that day It dawns on me I am in the people’s business and, building trust made the difference.

We also shared our journey through the pandemic, how we lost all our business travellers, how we changed the model to accommodate a new clientele, how working with other providers have provided opportunities and this season why our marketing and branding has increased 100%
During coffee, I ask film crews what their dream was, and Mr. Ronnie Jacobs said the big goal is to have a featured Nollywood film with ROK TV, a station with over 800,000 views a week.
This week I read an article on the founder of ROK TV…Justin Njoku cut a clip to send to my friends to inspire.
The lesson; Inspire others to aim for their dream.

You are going to be different tomorrow. Stop feeling stuck.

Change is either changing for the better or it is slowly changing for the worse, it is one thing that happens in an instant. It happens the moment you decide to change. Chuks Uwaechia.
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